Standard ACCESS® expertise is in Building Maintenance Units and suspended access systems providing assistance from building conception through to final design, manufacture installation and commissioning of the access system. We are based in Melbourne where we have full auto cad design and drafting facilities. Melbourne is also the central store for basic access equipment and spare parts for all the BMU equipment installed in Australia. Standard ACCESS® also provides an extensive range of lifting and mechanical handling equipment as well as load measurement equipment. We also design and install both horizontal and vertical travelling roof safety systems.

We have a range of special lifting equipment, allowing lifting of heavy loads to roof tops of existing high rise buildings. For example, the upgrading of old cooling towers.

The Standard ACCESS® team is able to deliver all services from conception through to final design and implementation.

As a leading distributor for the TRACTEL Group®, Standard ACCESS® provides service and support on the full range of TRACTEL® products including Minifor, Tirak and also Blocstop.